Difference Between Smoking and Vaping Weed

By now, most of us understand the many positive health benefits that are achievable with the use of marijuana. However, are certain ways of ingesting our favorite herb more beneficial than others?

If you take a look around at your local cannabis dispensaries or delivery services, you will quickly notice the vast array of different products that are available for your consumption. Any person entering a marijuana shop will be able to choose from a variety of edibles, beverages, lozenges, topical lotions, sublingual drops, concentrates, vaporizer pens, and the buds themselves. But which one of these choices is the best?

In reality, the best way for you to ingest marijuana is completely dependent on the effects you want to feel. However, history has shown that most people prefer the powerful, quick-acting effects of smoked or vaporized weed. Let’s delve into some of the differences between vaping vs smoking weed.

Vaping weed vs smoking weed

Vaping weed is the act of using a specialized machine, known as a vaporizer, to heat weed to a temperature that the desired compounds (usually THC, CBD, or both) get released into the air for easy inhalation.

Smoking weed is the act of releasing all of the compounds in the plant as smoke by lighting it on fire and inhaling those fumes through a joint, blunt, pipe, bong, or other smoking devices. The main difference between smoking and vaping is the fact that cannabis buds are heated without the use of combustion in the vaporization process. This is achieved through an electric heating element rather than a flame in the vaporizer.

Is vaping better than smoking?

Vaping is probably better than smoking for your overall lung and liver function because fewer harmful toxins and less burnt plant matter are released from the used cannabis when vaporized.

However, almost all of the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, beside THC and CBD, are NOT released when vaped. In contrast, all 100 plus cannabinoids are released for your inhalation pleasure when smoked.

Since all of these cannabinoids work in a synergistic manner to provide enhanced health benefits, you might need to determine if it is better for you to ingest as many of the various cannabinoids as you can by smoking your weed or if you should put more thought into saving your lung health by vaping it.

Vaporizer high vs smoke high

While marijuana instills so many positive health benefits into the body, many people who use it are primarily interested in the high it provides. Interestingly, cannabinoids also work synergistically to affect the high. This is why many people note that the vaporizer high gets them higher more quickly, but doesn’t last very long and seems to eventually have a “ceiling” that is nearly impossible to get higher than.

However, smoked marijuana produces a quick-acting but also a quite long-lasting high that can be easily enhanced by smoking even more weed. This is, again, due to the lack of certain cannabinoids found in cannabis vapors.

Is vaping weed bad for you?

As we noted earlier, vaping weed might be healthier in the long-term than smoking weed. But, vaping can be a concern if using certain types of weed oils or concentrates. Make sure that any products that you vape have as few additives and solvents as possible in order to keep yourself as healthy as possible. As long as your vaped product is clean, you should have no issues at all!

Now that you know more about vaporizers vs smoking weed, you might be ready to inhale some cannabis to test the difference for yourself. If this is the case and you live in the Bay Area, please do yourself a favor and make an order with Cali Xpress!

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