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Super weed


Super weed, So there you are at the wine-tasting party, and this rather knowledgeable guy slides up to you with a gleam in his eye and a bottle of unknown vintage and begins his rap, “Hey man, this wine is outta sight! Blue Beaujolais, the real stuff; high altitude grapes… it’ll blow you right away. Here, put a little in your glass and sip it; . this is dyna-mite juice! We did the burlap thing, you know, wrapped the bottle in burlap and kept it in the cellar for three months.


Really increases the potency. And I just passed it through a Boozifier; turns sedimentary crap into iso-menthyl-ethyl alcohol by simmering it in acetone. Knocks your head off!…” What the fucf.  At this point your on the cell with your imaginary friend.



super weed strain


Of course, this is a fantasy. You know, as well as anyone else, that the altitude of the grapes has nothing to do with the quality of the wine; that Beaujolais is red and not blue, that wrapping a bottle in burlap couldn’t do a thing to it; and that nobody would put a good wine through a little chem lab without messing up its taste so that it wouldn’t be good for anything except cleaning hubcaps.


 And yet conversations very similar to that one occur daily all over the country about marijuana because of one big difference: we all know how wine is made, but very few people have any idea at all what makes marijuana “good,” what can be done to make it “better,” and what can be done to keep it that way.

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