How many joints are in an ounce?

When I first moved to California and saw an ounce of weed being sold for $99 I was beside myself. Anything beyond an eighth was a foreign concept – a quantity of weed you simply couldn’t buy in a criminalized, East Coast state. I know a good deal when I see one and pounced on it. Once it was delivered, I spread it all out on the table and thought to myself – “I wonder how many joints I could roll.” So, similar to the owl counting his licks to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop, I started rolling joints to answer the question on everyone’s mind: how many joints are in an ounce? 112 Bong Hits To get into a joint rolling mood, I thought I’d start with a bong hit. While I stand by this decision, it did derail my joint rolling experiment, as I started to stare at my ounce wondering “how many bong hits would this be?” As you may know, bongs date back more than 2,000 years and they remain as a popular method of consumption today. They come in all sorts of ridiculous shapes and sizes, and buying one can set you back anywhere from twenty bucks to thirty grand. At 112 bong hits in an ounce, they’re one of the most economical ways to smoke. Once I went down the bong route, I figured why stop there and migrated to its water-less cousin, the bowl. These offer a bit more mobility than a bong, and you’ll find yourself packing about 85 bowls with an ounce.

47 joints

47 Joints or 33 Blunts?With my detour out of the way, I could finally start rolling up my ounce of cannabis. Assuming the joints you’re rolling are normal-sized, and not impressive works of art, you’ll have enough weed in your ounce to roll about 47 joints. If you stood those up end to end, that’s taller than Cheech and Chong combined! As an alternative to joints, you could take the Notorious B.I.G. route and roll a blunt instead. Doing so will turn your ounce into about 33 blunts, which is the length of a male great white shark. 

8 Batches of BrowniesFor good measure, I wanted to look at another route for consuming an ounce of cannabis: cooking. Weed can be infused into butter or oil, with which you can make delicious baked (pun intended) goods. An ounce will equate to roughly 8 batches of brownies. Be sure to ease your way into the edibles world though, otherwise you may find yourself on a Buzzfeed listicle or trying to figure out how to send marketing emails as a cannabis company. Whether the 112 bong hits or 47 joints are all for you or to share with friends, you can’t go wrong with one of Cali Xpress’ $99 ounces delivered to your door anywhere in the Bay Area. Inhale Wisely.   

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